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'Together in a Glass' Competition  
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At Pangea Spirit we know that there are a huge pool of creative minds out there and we want to find the greatest cocktail invented using Pangea Spirit Gin. The 'Together in a Glass' competition is your chance to show us and our good friends at The Alchemist, your Pangea Gin creations. Get as creative as possible and tell us the story behind your invention. 



Pangea was the name of the supercontinent dating 300 million years ago. Pangea Spirit was birthed by the concept of the past, knowing no boundaries, crossing borders of any sense, raising a glass with whoever and most importantly... Bringing You Together.

11 botanicals are what makes Pangea Gin come to life. The botanicals were carefully chosen from around the world. It was imperative to have influence of various cultures in one bottle. 

For the founders, Reema and Kishan, the importance of creating a brand that spills, being better together is the main ingredient for Pangea Spirit. Reema is all about her sisters, and on nights out it’s all about ‘girls’ night’ every night, & Kishan loves a quiet social but will see a friendly face and MUST introduce himself. 

Now, when considering your cocktail and your story we would really like to you to take inspiration from our story and see ingredients, flavours, garnish to represent new relationships, existing friendships and all in all the concept of ‘bringing you together.’

The story of Pangea..

Kiwi Cocktail

What you need to do...



To show off your invention and be in with the chance to win £500 and a trip to the Pangea Spirit distillery, you need to;

  • Complete the below form by Friday 29th April 2022

  • We will send you a sample which you will receive by Friday 6th May 2022.

  • Then its time to get creative - create your concoction 

  • Once you are happy with your cocktail you'll need to take a picture of it, write down the ingredients and tell us your story that links to your cocktail. All of these details will be needed for submission at stage 2 of the competition. (You will receive details on how to submit this once you have completed the 1st stage below)

  • Once we have viewed all submissions we will choose 15 finalists who will be invited to the grand finale at The Alchemist, Canary Wharf in July 2022 where you will be asked to present your cocktail to a panel of judges which will include; The Co-Founder of Pangea Spirit, the Head of Bars at The Alchemist and a Pangea Spirit Brand Ambassador (ex-Alchemist Mixologist)

  • Finally the winner will be selected and £500 will be awarded as well as a ticket to the Pangea Spirit distillery.

Judging criteria


Once submitted, the submission will be anonymised by a member of the Pangea Spirit team. The judges will not know the name of the person or company that the submission has come from. 

Submissions online will be judged based on the following criteria – 

  • The presentation of the cocktail 

  • The ingredients of the cocktails and how they connect with their story 

  • Your story and how it connects to ‘The Pangea Story’ and the brand slogan, Bringing You Together


Finalists will be contacted via email by Friday 20th June 2022 and invited to The Alchemist for the final in July 2022.

If you are shortlisted for the live submissions, to present your cocktail to the panel of judges at The Alchemist, then you will be judged on the following criteria;

  • Presentation and skills of the bartender 

  • The story behind the cocktail and how it pairs with the ingredients of the cocktail

  • Taste and presentation of the cocktail 

Good luck! 

Entry requirements

All applicants must be 18 or over and based in the UK. 

Enter Here
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Please provide the address you would like us to send the sample to.

HOORAY! You have successfully entered the first part of the competition - check your emails for further details.

Remember to follow @pangeaspiritglobal on Instagram to stay up to date with the competition.

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